Home Beauty Salons As A Business Idea To Target Cabinet Producers


No matter how the economy is doing, people will always want to look their best. There is however costs associated with running a salon that can really mount up in difficult times. This has seen a rise in home beauty salons being set up to offer beauty treatments to the local community in the homely surroundings of the proprietor’s front room.

People are offering beauty treatments not only in their own home salon, but treatments where they travel to your home. Their mobile beauty therapists offer a more affordable and for many people more convenient service. The lower costs of not having to maintain costly premises are passed on in savings to the customers. This means that the customers can get the same level of service for less and even have money to spend on extra treatments.

As more and more beauty products become available on the market, there are more treatments that can be offered from home. This includes a wide range of tanning options, hair styling, manicures and pedicures, to name but a few.

This home based business is gaining popularity and is certainly the type of industry that benefits more from word of mouth advertising than anything else. People in communities talk, and when people get to know that their friends and neighbors have access to high quality beauty treatments from home they want to know more.

For the owners of such businesses the benefits are numerous, but one of the main things that these people enjoy is flexibility. They aren’t chained to the required opening hours of a shop front business and can tailor the hours they work to fit in with their other commitments.

Even during recessionary times, attention to personal appearance is one of the last luxuries to get cut from the budget. The following 6 suggestions can help you avoid being cut from clients’ budgets long after other things have gotten the axe.

Fabulous Stylists – Talented beauticians are one of the first things that keep clients returning. Not only should they be able to manage the technical aspects of styling, but they should have good people skills as well. They must be able to listen to the client while still using their professional judgment to keep clients from making a decision that will ultimately cause them to be unhappy or damage their hair.

Be Punctual – Everyone is busy these days, so managing time well is a must. Being able to take clients when they are scheduled is a big plus for the stay at home mom who has to meet the bus or pick up a child from soccer practice. And being able to master the clock may mean being able to add to your bottom line by taking clients during lunch hour, getting them in and out and back to work on time. The word will spread that you can do this reliably, and your shop will prosper.

Offer a variety of services in your mobile salon that will cater for the cabinet-makers

Offering manicures, pedicures, and massages in your mobile hair and beauty salon can be a huge draw to your shop. Once you have clients who have enjoyed getting their hair done, it’s a very natural progression to take advantage of the offerings your shop has. Start slowly by offering these additional services by appointment or on certain days. Offer specials that allow customers to pay for one service and get another free. Try different combinations to see which one works best-hair and nails, or nail and pedicure, or massage and nails. Have fun with it.